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The Harderbahn goes up the local mountain in Interlaken, Switzerland. It is a funicular railroad that was built over 100 years ago. In 8 minutes the Harderbahn overcomes about 750 meters of altitude difference. The line starts not far from Interlaken East Station and goes up the mountain Harder Kulm. From the top you have a great view and there is a good restaurant.

Buy tickets for the Harderbahn online:   More info and booking

Harderbahn near Interlaken

A funicular consists of two tracks connected by a very long rope. It runs on rails. Both trains start at the same time, one at the top station, the other at the bottom station. A funicular railroad consumes little energy, which the train going up is pulled up by the train coming down via the rope. The two railroads meet in the middle of the track.

The length of the funicular up the Harder Kulm is only about 1450 meters. However, a height of 750 meters is overcome. This corresponds to an average gradient of over 60 percent. The Harderbahn was opened in 1908. At the beginning of the 20th century, many such short funicular railroads were built in Europe.

Once at the top, you have a terrific view. There is also a great viewing platform (see video above). You can see the town of Interlaken between the two lakes Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and the high peaks in the Bernese Oberland.

The restaurant on the Harder Kulm has good menus. The prices are ok for Switzerland.

Harderbahn, Interlaken stationTalstation Harderbahn

The Harderbahn is often referred to in advertising as the “Top of Interlaken”. This is probably a reference to the nearby world-famous Jungfrau Railway, which is called “Top of Europe”.

Prices Harderbahn

Adults will pay 37 Swiss francs or about 41 euros for a return ticket in 2024. This is quite hefty for 8 minutes one way. But from our point of view it is still worth it. You can buy tickets beforehand on the internet for a similar price:  More info and booking

If you want to go hiking, you can also buy only one way (up or down) for the ride to the Harder Kulm for half price.

Where is the Harderbahn ?

The train to the Harder Kulm starts not far from the train station Interlaken Ost. If you are in front of the station, turn left and after about 100 meters turn right over the bridge over the river Aare. Now you are directly in front of the valley station of the Harderbahn (see picture above).

Operating hours Harderbahn

The funicular is not a lift for skiers, so it operates only in summer. It operates daily from about mid-April to the end of November. The operating time is then usually from about 9 to 9 pm (9 to 9).

Buy tickets for the Harderbahn online:  More info and booking

Game Park Interlaken

Directly behind the Harderbahn in the valley is the small game park of Interlaken. It is especially great for children. You can look at marmots and ibexes.

Interlaken Game Park

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