Staubbach Falls

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Staubbach Falls is a famous waterfall near Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. The water falls almost 300 meters in free fall into the depth. Thus, the Staubbach Falls is the highest free-falling waterfall in Switzerland. Besides the nearby Trümmelbach Falls, the Staubbach Falls is the most famous waterfall in the waterfall valley of Lauterbrunnen.

Staubbach Falls, Bernese Oberland

The waterfall is in the valley of Lauterbrunnen. Coming from Interlaken, you drive through the village of Lauterbrunnen. The Staubbach Falls is shortly after the village near the road to Stechelberg on the right side.

You can look at the waterfall from below and take pictures all year round. Even more interesting is the walk up to the so-called gallery. On a path you can get behind the water of the waterfall. This is possible only in summer because of the danger of falling rocks.

Waterfall, Bernese Oberland

The Staubbach Falls is a must-see. The valley of Lauterbrunnen is famous for waterfalls. Besides the Staubbach Falls, the Trummelbach Falls, which are not far away, are also very famous and well visited by tourists.

Video Staubbach Falls

Impressions of the waterfall and gallery (from Youtube, 3 min):

How to get there, opening hours and admission Staubbachfall Lauterbrunnen.

You can view the natural wonder free of charge at any time. The area is not fenced. The best place to park is in the parking lot at the church in Lauterbrunnen (1 euro per hour in 2024). It is in the back of town next to the sharp 180-degree turn. You can already see the waterfall from the parking lot (back right), so you can’t miss it.

Those who don’t have a car: From the Lauterbrunnen train station, walk further into the valley. You are at the parking lot at the church when you walk down the main street and thoroughfare of the village for about one kilometer. Here in the bend you leave the main road and go straight on. You can see the Staubbach Falls already in front on the right. There are no opening hours. Unlike other waterfalls in the area, such as the Trümmelbach Falls about 1 kilometer away (14 Euro entrance fee 2024), the Staubbach Falls is freely accessible.

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